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A Proudly Canadian Corporation  Serving the pulp, paper, and board industry for three generations     

A Brief History

Pulmac Inc was incorporated in 2003 and, in 2012, became a founding shareholder in Pulmac Systems International Inc of Williston, Vermont. Pulmac Inc was responsible for all manufacturing and service until it formally broke with Pulmac Systems in May, 2015. Changing its name to QS Fibre Inc in 2016, the Montreal-based company  offers the  AutoScan for on or off-line determination of fibre, shive, and fines size distributions as well as competitive products and services for :

  • Pulmac MasterScreen, Z-Span Tester, Automated Sheet Former, Beater, and Dewatering Device.
  • Provisioning of testing services, in-mill service support, and mill studies

QS Fibre is owned and  operated by Brent Cowan, son of Wavell Cowan and grandson of inventor, industrialist and Pulmac patriarch, Eli Cowan.

W. Brent Cowan, CD MSc


QS Fibre : Committed to integrity

Atholville NB Pulp MillAtholville NB Pulp Mill

Pulmac Systems Irritated with QS Fibre

Posted 31/7/2017

Communicating through lawyers, Pulmac Systems International of Williston, Vermont has expressed its frustrations with QS Fibre's re-entry into the marketplace following the expiration on 21 May 2017 of our non-compete obligation. They seem to fear that customers may be confused and think that they are dealing with Pulmac Systems, a company incorporated in 2012, when they in fact are dealing with QS Fibre, incorporated as Pulmac Inc in 2003. Let me set the record straight. Other than the fact that QS Fibre, was an original shareholder in Pulmac Systems before selling its shares in 2013 and terminating its business association in 2015, QS Fibre has no association whatsoever with Pulmac Systems.  In fact, QS Fibre competes with the relative newcomer. We strongly believe our products and services to be superior and we strive to bring them to the market at a better price. Unused to competition, Pulmac Systems does not appear to be handling it well. We, on the QS Fibre team, say let the market be the judge.