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A Proudly Canadian Corporation  Serving the pulp, paper, and board industry for three generations     

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A Brief History

Pulmac Inc was incorporated in 2003 and, in 2012, became a founding shareholder in Pulmac Systems International Inc of Williston, Vermont. Pulmac Inc was responsible for all manufacturing and service until it formally broke with Pulmac Systems in May, 2015. Changing its name to QS Fibre Inc in 2016, the Montreal-based company  offers the  AutoScan for on or off-line determination of fibre, shive, and fines size distributions as well as competitive products and services for :

  • Pulmac MasterScreen, Z-Span Tester, Automated Sheet Former, Beater, and Dewatering Device.
  • Provisioning of testing services, in-mill service support, and mill studies

QS Fibre is owned and  operated by Brent Cowan, son of Wavell Cowan and grandson of inventor, industrialist and Pulmac patriarch, Eli Cowan.

W. Brent Cowan, CD MSc


QS Fibre : Committed to integrity

Atholville NB Pulp MillAtholville NB Pulp Mill


The QS AutoScan on or off-line Fibre Classifier offers mills a quick, simple, and reliable method for the determination of size distributions in low consistency pulp slurries. Up to 1 dry gram of disintegrated pulp is imaged per test cycle. Results are automatically saved to a local database and processed results (average length, average width and total count) are displayed on screen. User-configured histograms are called up in the Viewer module for comparative analysis. Shives and fines are determined by the percent composition at, respectively, the large and small ends of the distribution.

AutoScan uses a four-megapixel industrial camera with reflected light from a high-intensity light-emitting diode assembly to capture up to 10 images per second of a low consistency slurry passing through a proprietary imaging flow cell. Resolution of .005 mm per pixel across the adjustable Area of Interest (AOI) enables very small particles and thin fibres to be captured for analysis. User-configured filters can be activated to eliminate noise.

AutoScan is an excellent and flexible device to support qualitative and quantitative assessment of pulping and stock preparation step processes. Operators can easily maintain an overwatch of the fibreline, stock prep and furnish to quickly detect and troubleshoot upset conditions before losing tonnes of production to off-target quality and broke.
The AutoScan Imager software converts foreground images into excited, white pixels and non-excited, or contrasting,  black pixels in the background. The field of view is then scanned until an excited pixel is encountered. All contiguous excited pixels are identified and grouped to form the fibre image. The distance between the two extreme points determines the fibre length and the width is calculated by dividing total area of excited pixels by the determined length.

The AutoScan test cycle is initiated when the operator presses the RUN soft button in the Imager Main Menu. When this button is pushed, the three sequence test cycle commences.
Fill: The Discharge Drain Valve closes and the Fill valve opens to begin filling the Feed Tank. The operator then adds the sample. When the slurry rises to the Top Level Sensor the Fill valve closes and the Mix Motor starts. After a brief delay to ensure the slurry is well-mixed, the Discharge Drain opens and the slurry drops down into and through the Flow Cell. AutoScan Imager then captures pictures at a rate of five to ten images per second, displaying very tenth image on screen.