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A Proudly Canadian Corporation  Serving the pulp, paper, and board industry     


As Pulmac Inc, a founding member of the Pulmac Group of Companies, original shareholder in Pulmac Systems International and from inception until 2015 :

  • OEM of the, Pulmac MasterScreen, Z-Span Tester, Automated Sheet Former, Beater, and Dewatering Device.
  • Provider of in-mill service support and promoter of mill-wide teamwork
  • 100% Canadian company owned and operated by Brent Cowan, son of Wavell Cowan and grandson of inventor, industrialist and Pulmac patriarch, Elijah Cowan.

W. Brent Cowan, CD MSc


Atholville NB Pulp MillAtholville NB Pulp Mill

Welcome to QS Fibre Inc! We hope you will enjoy your stay and that you will find the information here to be useful. We pay great attention to the quality of our products and services. You can find detailed information about them online here or contact our international agents or our customer service team for additional help.

MISSION: QS Fibre Inc strives to help mill operators around the world make their pulp, paper, and board,   ...BETTER!   

We go about it by providing pulp and paper mill operators with the means to quickly determine sources of fibre quality variability and zero in on their causes. Our QS Fibre Classifier (QualScan III) maps fibre distributions by length, width, and shape. When changes occur to these distributions, operators are quickly alerted. The nature of the change provides diagnostic clues and enables troubleshooting teams to immediately trace back through the fibreline or stock prep until the root cause is isolated and corrective or remedial action is determined and taken. Our dedication to continuous product development and improvement will be showcased at our grand new product launch 21 May 2017.

Through the fibreline and stock prep on to the reel: fibre is the  1 common  denominator 

QS Fibre help our clients build a comprehensive fibre knowledge base.  

QS Fibre help our clients act to influence causes and shape their effects.